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Are You Reading in the Shallow End?

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

😲 If someone thought they could learn to swim just by reading a book, they would be in for an unpleasant surprise when they jumped in the deep end.

📖 As far as LEARNABILITY goes, reading is just the first ‘chapter’ - if you’ll allow the metaphor. After you’ve read about new ideas, you have to try them out by deliberately playing, experimenting and testing them until you find a way to establish them into your successful skills set.

❌ No matter how tempting, you can’t skip these chapters of practice. You can’t jump from chapter 1: Reading to chapter 10: Mastery. Learning just doesn’t work like that.

😥 The sad part is many potential experts read a book and leave it at that. They don’t move onto the next step which involves selecting small specific behavioural changes and trying them out under controlled circumstances.

I say controlled circumstances because when we first try to do something challenging, the first few times we will most likely fail.

🤹 If you’re sceptical about this, ask a juggler how many balls they dropped during their first practice!

➡️ So my question for you today is what LEARNABILITY chapter are you on? In what way will you be stretching yourself this week? Trying out a new sales technique? A new leadership style?

Or are you going to stay on chapter one and just keep to the shallow end?

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