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Ian Gibbs
The Learnability Man

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Self-Directed Learning

Ideal for adults who want to shift their personal development up a gear.

The system teaches us that learning is about turning up and following instructions. But we learn best when we take ownership of our subject, become engaged and stretching ourselves often. Here I show you the key to becoming a great learner and to develop your own Personal Learning Strategy.


● A better understanding of how we acquire new skills

● The ability to develop a Personal Learning Strategy

● Increased confidence when starting to learn something new

● An improved ability to acquire new skills

● A renewed feeling of empowerment


How to set up and run a Learning Club

Ideal for Human Resources, associations and students.

Everyone should be a member of a Learning Club. But few appreciate the value of structure, motivation and accountability it provides. In this workshop, I’ll show you how to run one on your own so you get maximum benefit from it for years to come.


● Understanding of the power of a Learning Club

● The rules, guidelines and common mistakes of a Learning Club

● Increasing morale for members

● A much more fun and effective way to learn.

● The ability to set up and run an independent Learning Club.


Team Strategy

Ideal for professionals who work as a team.

This workshop uses LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology.

In this LSP workshop I help attendees take a fresh look at how their team works, identify its weak spots and create a practical strategy for improving things, including better communication, understanding and vision.


● Seeing the team member from a clearer perspective

● Taking time to reflect on points of friction in the team

● Testing stressors in a safe environment

● Establishing a set of guiding principles



Ideal for people interested in better understanding themselves.

This workshop uses LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology.

The words you use influence the way you think. When you refer to yourself using your job title you’re creating an artificial limit to who you are as a person. In this workshop I help you go beyond your limits to understand yourself better and help your colleges understand you better, too.


● Strengthened self-awareness

● Better understanding of colleagues

● Improved confidence

● Greater feeling of self-worth

● Stronger feeling of trust

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The Study Power Workshop

Ideal for students, parents and teachers

In addition to having a great teacher and being a bright student, a third factor that greatly influences a student’s academic success is the method they use to study. The Study Power Workshop is a 3-hour participative experience where attendees are taken through three key areas which can take their learning ability to the next level.

● How to remember things like a memory champion
● How to recognise the different levels of learning
● How to absorb and digest new concepts more quickly
● Strategies to learn more per minute of your study time

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Family Strategy For You

Ideal for parents, children and couples

This workshop uses LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology

Who are your family? Who are you for them? The unexpected answers can be the key to strengthening weakened relationships. In FAMILY STRATEGY FOR YOU we explore family life and reassess what we discover.


● Opportunity to address ignored problems      

● A better understanding of family relations

● Identification of stressors and reframe perceptions

● Begin to develop a personal strategy within the family unit

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Company Strategy Workshop

Ideal for directors, managers and team leaders

This workshop uses LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology

In every organisation, it’s important that everyone is on the ‘right track’. In COMPANY STRATEGY WORKSHOP we explore what attendees think is the ‘right track’ and so help clarify values and realign objectives.

● Construct a shared identity for your organisation.

● Become better aware of challenges

● Convert visions of the future into purposeful interactions and protocols

● Give participants confidence, commitment and insight to deal with change

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