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It’s been described as Revision-Cards-on-Steroids, and I love it.

How good is your learnability?

Are you type I - who, with effort, can acquire new ideas easily, or are you type II - who pretend they’re type I but in reality have forgotten it all after a couple of days?

One way of finding out and, at the same time, shifting your learning skills up a gear, is by using one of my favourite learning Apps.

It’s a simple but effective revision-card style App.

I’ve used it to learn the names of new colleagues and a variety of facts and figures. At the moment I'm using it to test myself on my Arabic vocabulary.

It’s also great for reviewing the key points of a training session or helping prepare for an exam.

It’s called AnkiApp, and it’s been described as Revision-Cards-on-Steroids.

It’s not only a quick and easy way to self-test, but it records your success/failure rate over time so you can see by how much you’re improving (or forgetting), which, in itself, is a powerful learning motivator.

I know that learning is more than just being able to remember stuff, but if you can’t even do that, then seriously… what’s the point?

Try it out and decide for yourself!

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