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Ian Gibbs
The Learnability Man

Keynote speaker on Learning and Adaptability


Welcome to Ian Gibbs' World of Learnability


Economic turbulence, technological innovations, and even climate change, all add to the long list of reasons why adapting to change and improving our performance is of fundamental importance in the business world. But learning to adapt is easier said than done. This is why Ian Gibbs - aka The Learnability Man - brings you his experience and insights into how we learn and adapt, crucial for personal and professional growth.



Learnability = Learning + Adaptability. Many people struggle to convert theory into practice. Knowing the way is easy, walking it is a different matter. So discover how to thrive in chaos and transform challenges into opportunities with Ian's engaging and thought-provoking keynote sessions. Develop your own key strategies to enhance your learning processes and achieve exponential growth.


Keynote Highlights:

  • Identify key components to distinguish between 'TEA Ceremonies' and real learning opportunities

  • Actionable strategies you can apply immediately to start adapting and excelling now.

  • Find out how Ian’s keynote can amplify your benefits from any conference by 300%.


Ideal for Various Events

Ian's talks are perfectly suited for corporate events, leadership retreats, educational conferences, and professional development workshops. Whether you are looking to inspire a corporate audience, energise a team of educators, or engage industry leaders in meaningful discussions, Ian’s keynote on Learnability will deliver profound insights and actionable solutions tailored to the needs of each unique gathering.


Invite Ian to Speak

Ready to revolutionize the way your team or audience thinks about development and success? Contact Ian today for a keynote that promises not only to educate but to inspire lasting change.

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Ian was a very engaging speaker! Without knowing a thing about individual audience members, he gave us actionable tasks and valuable tools to take into our real lives.

Kati Schoenwitz, proposal manager, Burns & Mcdonnell

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