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The Laws of Language Learning

When someone starts learning to drive, they already know a few of the universal laws about driving, such as...

1. It’s a good idea to be over a certain age.

2. It’s a bad idea to drive while incapacitated by drugs or alcohol.

3. It's a good idea to drive on the same side of the road as everyone else going in your direction.

4. Refuelling or recharging every now and then is a good idea, too.

And there are many others. Some of these laws might seem obvious. Nevertheless, it’s still important to recognise they exist.

Though not as commonly known, there are also universal laws concerning language learning.

Some of them are also more obvious than others. But if you’re going to start learning a new language it's definitely a good idea to know them.

During my research for my book ‘Learning A Languag’, I realised that every language expert has their own opinion on the laws of language learning.

Some of them almost everyone agrees with, while some of them are more unique.

After having tried out every piece of advice I could get hold of, I sifted through them to refine, combine or decline them as I’ve found best.

I don’t claim they’re perfect.

I’m sure you might like to make a few changes of your own.

My objective is to make you more aware of the language learning process and to maybe think about it in a different way.

So for the next few blogs I’ll be posting my language learning laws to help you become a more successful language learner.

Please feel free to adjust them where necessary.

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