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Student Tip 3: Get It Yourself

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Back in the dark ages, your teacher would have been the only source of knowledge you had.

If you were lucky, there might have been a course-book as well that you could read in class.

If you were really, really lucky, you’d have been allowed access to the school library, if you felt like it, which you probably wouldn’t have, because it was dark, dusty and smelt funny.

In the dark ages, knowledge was in short supply and getting your hands on it was difficult, costly and time-consuming.

But now things are very different.

Getting access to knowledge in user-friendly packages, has never been easier.

If it’s something you need to know for your school work, there are probably hundreds of websites already waiting for you to visit.

If you prefer the moving picture (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t?) there’ll be dozens of YouTube channels dedicated to explaining just what you need.

And if you prefer something more interactive, there’s probably an app for that, too.

There are apps for learning chemistry, spelling, maths and geography.

There are apps to learn French, German or even Esperanto.

There are even apps to help you organise your homework.

And many of them are totally free!

An excellent way to start is to check out ‘Khan Academy’ (webpage or app), ‘Crash Course’ or ‘TEDed’ on YouTube. They provide beautifully clear explanations you can watch as many times as you like without annoying anyone.

The point is you no longer have to struggle remembering the explanation your teacher gave in class.

If you didn’t get it first time, there’s a myriad of material on the World Wide Web whose sole purpose is to help you learn whatever you want.

Maybe you didn’t understand something you did in class.

Maybe you want to understand a bit better.

Maybe there’s something you missed in class because you were absent or because you were dreamily contemplating the cloud formations out of the window.

The reason is not important.

What is important is you can now search for knowledge in ways that were impossible just a few years ago.

So wouldn’t it be nice to turn up to the next class having completely understood the previous one?

Wouldn’t it be great to have just as good a grasp of your subject as everyone else in class? Or even a better grasp?

Wouldn’t it be amazing, when your teacher points to you and asks you to explain what last lesson was about, you could stand up and confidently do it without fear or hesitation?

Finding the right 3-minute explanation and watching it enough times for you to get it can help you achieve all of the above by using the internet to learn stuff better.

Tip 3: Find out the answer to your questions yourself. Save time and effort by using the internet to your advantage.

For more study tips all together in a convenient little book, see… 23 Tips To Learn Stuff Better

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