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Learning Clubs

What They Are - Why They Work - How To Run One

Learning Clubs: Welcome
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The Learning Club Experience

The first time you join a Learning Club, you’d describe it as ‘nice’, ‘pleasant’ and maybe even ‘enjoyable’. But it’s nothing that appears out of the ordinary. It’s just a bunch of people talking about what they’re trying to learn.

After the second meeting, you start to notice little things like the small steps forward other members are making, maybe something they achieved themself that they’d been meaning to get round to for a while or  the encouragement each member receives from the group. You might  describe this session as ‘positive’, ‘encouraging’ or ‘surprising’.

By the time you’ve finished the third session, you begin to understand the power of a Learning Club and wonder what you could have achieved if you had joined one earlier.

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What is a Learning Club?

A Learning Club is a regular meeting of a handful of people (ideally 4 or 5) whose sole purpose is to develop and improve themselves in any way they choose.

It is run by a facilitator or can be self-run by one of its members. It can range from a group of workmates getting together for an hour in the canteen at lunchtime to a team of senior directors meeting in a boardroom for a full morning.

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Why Do People Join a Learning Club?

People join a Learning Club is because it solves a problem - the huge gap between awareness and action.

Have you ever attended a training day or read a ‘How to…’ book only to find after a few weeks that it’s made no real difference? The ideas were relevant and useful. But for some reason, although you are aware of them, putting them into action was frustratingly difficult. 

Learning is not synonymous with the acquisition of knowledge. Knowing something is not the same as being able to do it.

All of these form the basis of Learning Clubs.

Learning Clubs provide a valuable opportunity and structure for each member to develop their own personal development program and then follow it with the encouragement and accountability provided by the others members.

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Why Do Learning Clubs Work?

Learning Clubs are based on a combination of methodologies from: Action learning, Self-directed Learning, Social Learning and Group Coaching.

They work because they use focus, reflection, planning, motivation and accountability to convert awareness into action.

For more information about how I can help you set up and run your own Learning Club, simply get in touch.

Learning Clubs: Services
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