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Ian Gibbs 
The Learnability Man

Keynote Speaker - And More


The Learnability Workshop

I give made-to-measure Learnability workshops on topics such as Learning Cultures, Personal Well-being, Growth Mindset and Learning Strategies


Benefits include:

Better at coping with change

A healthier mind

Improved attitude when dealing with challenges

Better acquisition of new skills

A renewed feeling of empowerment

To find out how I can help you, book a discovery call with me here

The Listening Skills Workshop

Being a good listener is essential in management, sales, customer service and all forms of leadership. I give made-to-measure workshops on effective listening skills.



An awareness & appreciation for good listening skills

Better, healthier relationships

The 5 levels of effective listening

Practical listening techniques to apply immediately

The potential to be a powerful communicator


To find out how I can help you, book a discovery call with me here



The Sorites Principle

The Sorites Principle.jpg

The practical guide to achieving things little by little

Learning A Language

Learning A Language.jpg

Tried and tested strategies for successful language learners

23 Tips to Learn Stuff Better

23 Tips to Learn Stuff Better.jpg

The book all students should reread every term

23 Tips to Get Better Grades

23 Tips to Get Better Grades.png

The book to help you get the grades you deserve


Based in Barcelona. Working Worldwide.


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